You may have decided on the design aesthetic, appliances, backsplash, flooring, and cabinetry for your kitchen. But what makes a kitchen comfortable has nothing to do with its appearance and more to do with its functionality. Homeowners often complain about the poor lighting, a lack of storage in their kitchen, old cabinetry, and insufficient functional tables on home remodeling projects. It’s difficult to resist the impulse to remodel.

You’ve compiled most of your “before” kitchen’s failures, right to the very last meter of open space, and you’re yearning for the “after” by the moment you make a move on your own redesign. Start with whether your home is in desperate need of a renovation or you’re just fantasizing about what may be. 

Although it’s enticing to engage with some great stuff like paint styles and textures, stick to the basics like a decent design. Professional contractors will take care of the heavy work for you while adhering to design standards, scale/proportion, and code requirements. Before you take some major selections or get too overwhelmed with the aesthetic, there are a few key measures you should take to ensure your kitchen remodel is a success.

Choosing The Best Kitchen Concepts 

The concept of wall cabinets no longer binds designers. Open shelves are a great way to blow up the monotony of basic cabinets by displaying lovely flower pots, collecting recipe books, and storing spices in gorgeous containers. Plates, cookware, pans, kitchenware, and pretty much anything else may be stored on bottom cabinet shelves. Pull-outs make it easy to get to everything in the cabinet without putting too much pressure on your back. These are some tips you can pursue; below are some of the kitchen concepts that might fit you.

Basic Kitchen Layout Types

The simple kitchen arrangement, sometimes known as the “Pullman kitchen,” is most often featured in studio or loft homes since it saves so much space. A single wall is used to accommodate appliances and cabinets. Most recent kitchen designs include a peninsula, which changes the area into a Galley-style kitchen with a walk-through hallway.

How to Make A One-Wall Kitchen Layout Work:

Consider vertical; you only have enough area to deal with, so expanding your cabinetry as far as feasible can help you generate more space. Whereas the typical functional triangle is impossible to achieve in a one-wall kitchen, strive to position your refrigerator on one corner, stove and burner in the center, and sinks on the opposite side. If your cabinets don’t reach the ceiling, take advantage of the space over them by keeping goods that aren’t used often. You may also utilize the space as a floor plan to connect your kitchen’s concept together.

Gourmet Kitchen

A kitchen appropriate for a food critic is equipped with high-end equipment, resilient countertops, and specialized cabinetry. Modern appliances, durable and easy-to-clean workspaces, and storage for specialized things, such as a seasoning collection and a variety of pans, pots, and cookware, are all featured in a gourmet‘s kitchen. Food preparation, cooking, sanitation, and serving areas must be prioritized in the design. When it comes to selecting appliances, the emphasis is on functionality.

Assess how often you use your existing kitchen and generate kitchen design ideas for your remodel when you start your kitchen remodel. You’ll be able to keep on track while making essential decisions about the floor plan, utilities, cabinets, and other aspects.

L-Shape Kitchen 

The L-shaped kitchen is a sensible concept for medium or small kitchen design because it addresses the challenge of utilizing corner spaces. Parallel countertops form the L-shaped kitchen over two adjacent sides. The L’s “legs” could be as extensive as you would like it to be, but having them around 12 to 15 ft can help you make the most of the limited space.

How to Make AL-Shape Kitchen Layout Work:

You’ll minimize mobility with an L-shaped plan as it’s practically impossible to turn the kitchen into a thoroughfare. You can also easily incorporate a seating area and different working stations into this design. If your kitchen is big enough to accommodate different layouts, such as a peninsula, or if numerous cooks would be using the area, this is not suitable for you.

The Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen comprises two sets of cabinets having to face one another, forming an interior passageway or galley among them, particularly efficient use of cabinetry. This concept utilizes every inch of the area without compromising it by removing the demand for side cabinets. Because of the basic design, less specialized components are required making this a cost-effective solution.

How to Make A Galley Kitchen Layout Work:

The galley kitchen already provides enough storage options with an added row of cabinets. It’s crucial to get the workstations along with either one of the walls, but never both, particularly for big households or multiple-cook kitchens. It will allow you to minimize traffic and the potential for harm when working in the work triangles.

Kitchen for Entertaining

Pick a good design that allows you to connect with your visitors and create specialized functions. The gathering will take place at your home, particularly in the kitchen. Have you ever thought that regardless of how big or small your kitchen is, it’s where every person gathers? Even if a house has a large dining area and lounge space, a gathering will often take place in a small Pullman kitchen.

Although floor space will decide how much you can incorporate amenities such as a countertop or kitchen island when you’re not the cook of the events, scale isn’t a must for a successful entertaining kitchen. It’s always about the unique components built into the area to make serving meals and drinks simple when creating a kitchen that works as an excellent entertainment place.

Before you start remodeling your kitchen, think about how you utilize it now and what you want to get out of it. You’ll be able to keep on track while making key choices regarding the square footage, utilities, cabinets, and other details.

Horseshoe Kitchens

The Horseshoe or U-shaped kitchen has cabinets along three adjoining walls and is a wonderful plan for huge kitchens. This concept offers a lot of space but might look strange if the top cabinets are on all three corners. Install top cabinets on just one or two corners, with open shelves, central tiles, or a stove cover from the other. The U-shaped kitchen provides an efficient workflow and seamless operation by multiple people.

How to Make A Horseshoe Kitchen Layout Work:

In a U-shaped kitchen, make the window spaces open and clean. Make the most of the space by placing the workstations on the other side of the back- and entrance doorways.

Kitchens With Islands

A functioning kitchen island might feature equipment and storing drawers, which always enhance the kitchen’s workstation. It may serve as a dining area (with chairs), a kitchen (with a sink), and a floor space for drinks (with a wine cooler). A one-wall kitchen may be converted to a galley design, and an L-shaped design may be converted to a horseshoe.

Kitchen islands are quite useful, but the most common misconception is that everybody should have one. The truth is that many kitchens lack the necessary space to accommodate this feature.

How to Make An Island Kitchen Layout Work:

Make use of the island as a working and friendly place wherein families and friends could gather while foods are ready. It’s an excellent area to put significant aesthetic lights, which can also be used as work illumination for its central placement in the kitchen.

Family-Centered Kitchens

Include features such as easy-to-reach food storage, long-lasting kitchen design tools, materials, and a spacious layout. While entertaining kitchens and gourmet may undoubtedly include family-friendly concepts, many families place a premium on creating spaces that accommodate everyone’s demanding daily lives. This includes accommodating kids to prepare themselves on after-school refreshments, a mother who will need space to plan dinners and events, and even dogs being fed in the kitchen. (And besides, they needed someplace to store the foods and goodies.)

Many residents organize kitchen renovation projects during their vacation plans. That’s when they wish to showcase their cuisine as it offers pleasure and recognition. However, consider that the true value of a family kitchen derives from floor plan and cabinetry components, which enhances how the kitchen functions daily.

Final Thoughts 

With the assistance of professional contractors, all of these kitchen concepts, wherein every household prepared food, have evolved into a multi-purpose kitchen and a multiple-cook chamber. The modern kitchen design had already started to change from looking at one work triangle to numerous different triangles, or ‘areas,’ that can enhance your kitchen’s functionality and appearance while creating a comfortable space.

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